Book Release!

It is exciting when a book goes live on Amazon. Sure, you fall in with millions of other books, but those….are yours.

I was with my family in Target when the first book went “Live”. It was an exciting moment. All of the possibilities, all of the work being put out there for the world to see.


You start to worry. “Did I put in enough content?”, “Will it help people?” and the ultimate worry “Will it be of any value?”.

As I walked along I knew that I had put the content out that I had intended and if people read it, it would help them. The value comes in those two things and the rest is up to God and consumers to decide.

As I posted my second and third volumes I began to worry less about the rocket ship to the stars and more about ensuring that people know there is help out there.

The daunting task of marketing a book can seem overwhelming to people without a background or education. There are blogs (like this one) and press release possibilities that seem basic enough. There are press packets and ads you can take out that need a little more technical know how and then there are full blown campaign options, which I would know nothing about.

I consider myself adaptable. I consider myself someone that can just “figure it out” as I go if I need to. Marketing is NOT one of those things.

A friend of mine is in marketing and is absolutely brilliant. This task would be nothing for her. She would probably consider it child’s play where I think you need a Masters level education!

This should be an interesting journey and I welcome you to walk along with me as I learn what to and what NOT to do.

Along the way we can talk about your stress. How to deal with those anxiety attacks and the different ways to stop panic from taking over.

My first piece of advice is to learn how to breathe. Yes, the key in just about every single manual or book about panic wants you to learn how to breathe!

Breathing is the first step in learning how to control our symptoms. Practice it often as it does take time to master and the benefits are endless.


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