99 Cents will buy you tranquility!

The FIRST volume of 25 Ways to Deal with Panic is free on Amazon until 4/30/13, the rest of the collection is only 99 cents!!

Some people have asked why if the first 25 Ways to Deal with Panic are so helpful, would we need 4 volumes. My response is simple. There are no two people exactly alike. Each person is unique in how they deal with things. How they respond to things and what works for them. By creating many coping options you have a greater chance of helping more people.

For example, maybe breathing techniques work wonders for one person where another finds relief in the form of walking through the clinical steps of a panic attack.

Having more tools in the shed generally guarantees that you will be able to get a job done. Having more coping skills available can only be beneficial in the long run.

There are people that fight each and every day to overcome the devastating effects that panic and anxiety have had in their lives. This series will help them realize that there are others out there who may think or feel as they do. They will be able to identify coping techniques and an understanding of what is happening when panic and anxiety occur.

There are many more techniques that will be included in the 365 Ways to Deal with Panic that will be published early Summer 2013.

In the end, you can never have too much knowledge. We never know when panic or anxiety will rear its ugly head. With this series, you’re better prepared and ready to fight back!


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