What to do when IT gets you!

You’re just waking up trying to decide what kind of day you’re going to have when you feel….IT

IT starts to creep in. First a tingle of anxiousness and then the dark cloud of panic rolls in.

How do you get out of IT? How can you keep IT from destroying your day?


1. Breathe – You know our adrenaline jumps in at times it shouldn’t. Repeat that to yourself as you take your slow deep breaths. You’re going to visualize a small child flipping a light switch on and off during your favorite movie. This is adrenaline being released at the wrong time. Annoying but survivable.

2. Panic is a clingy annoying acquaintance that thinks you’re better friends than you are. Visualize this “person”, you don’t care for them but man, they LOVE you….you’re going to understand they’re just clingy, not crazy or dangerous and tell them “I wish we could hang out but I’m really busy” and go about your business.

3. You’re going to tell your mind that you’re not listening to the lies today. You were healthy and fine a few minutes ago, you’re healthy and fine now.

Panic will only stay as long as you allow it. It takes time, patience and practice.

Hang in there!


2 thoughts on “What to do when IT gets you!

  1. I’m not sure what the connection is between panic and depression, but this post could be helpful for both. “You were healthy and fine a few minutes ago, you’re healthy and fine now.” Exactly. But sometimes hard to remember.

    • I absolutely agree. When we are in the state of either, it is difficult to remember that everything is okay. The techniques you have been taught fly out the window. It takes a great deal of time and practice to develop the ability to deal with an attack as it happens. I believe our desire to get away from what ails us also causes us to do a “knee jerk” reaction when panic, anxiety, depression or too much stress appears.

      If we keep repeating that we were fine a few minutes ago and that we will be fine again, it reinforces the knowledge that we have gained. This is one of the biggest reasons I wrote the 25 Ways to Deal with PANIC series.

      Our minds shut off and though it is difficult to concentrate on ANYTHING during those moments, there will be words that make their way through the fog of our emotions that can help bring us back into the real world. It helps us leave the world of lies our emotions are telling us.

      In the end it takes practice and determination to override what our minds insist on telling us. Hang in there. You’ll find your way back!

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