Starting off right

We put a lot of stock in the way our morning goes.

Consider this:

Our alarm goes off, we get up, get ready. There is traffic but it keeps moving. We make our way to work and we get the best parking spot. We get in to work and the boss we don’t get along with is on vacation. The office has a calm quiet feel.

How do you supposed the rest of our day will go?

Now lets try this:

We wake up with a start. Our alarm didn’t go off! We hurry to get ready leaving the house in a furry. TRAFFIC! It isn’t much but it is just enough to bother us, thankfully it keeps moving and we get to work. We turn in to one of the best spots which is good because we are running late. Its a good thing our stupid boss is on vacation! The office is quiet, we are not even sure why we have to work today!

What kind of day do you think we are going to have?

The only difference in our scenario is that our alarm didn’t go off making us a little late. The rest is our perception of events. Traffic, parking spot, bosses vacation and the tone in the office are all the same.

What kind of day are YOU going to have?


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