Anxiety & Panic?! But its my day OFF!!

Those with panic can tell you that panic doesn’t take a vacation and doesn’t mind if you are on one either. Anxiety doesn’t care that you’ve had tickets to see that band for months and that you waited in the freezing rain to get them.

So what can you do? You don’t take medicine (or, maybe you do!) and you really want to go but your panic/anxiety are working overtime to keep you at home.

When you have panic and/or anxiety you tend to give in to its demands. It doesn’t want you to leave the house today, so you don’t. It doesn’t want you to go away for the weekend so you make up an excuse to stay in town.

Panic and anxiety are like a cantankerous preteen going through puberty. No matter what you give it, it is not going to be enough. If you stay home you will have anxiety that you didn’t go. If you go, your panic will scream that it hates you and wants to go home.

Giving in just makes it worse in the long-run and you run the risk of making your world smaller with each event you cheat yourself out of.

Make a plan to attend the event. Agree to go for an hour and see how you feel. After an hour, reassess and if you’re able, make an agreement to stay another hour. This will allow you to get to the event you’ve been waiting for while showing your panic/anxiety that it is not the boss of you!

It is possible that you will get to the event and your cantankerous preteen panic/anxiety attack will wait at home so you can enjoy yourself!

Think positive and keep moving forward!


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