Weekends were made for panic

You spend the week trying to get to the weekend when it hits you. Your spouse will be spending the day with the in-laws and your kids are off with their friends. The anxiety starts to build as you worry about being home by yourself. What can you do to stop it before it gets to a full blown panic or anxiety attack?

Panic and anxiety are created within our own minds and bodies. We already know that a thought, feeling or event provokes the release of adrenaline within our system. This release starts the process that some feel as anxiety while others feel as panic. We begin to feel sensations which causes us to respond to. A response could be worry that we are having a medical event or worry that an attack is forming. This worry releases more adrenaline causing the symptoms to escalate and the cycle to continue.

As panic and anxiety sufferers, you know this cycle well. It is one of the first things you learn from your provider.

The key to moving forward is putting stops in place to prevent that cycle from continuing.

25 Ways to Deal with Panic is a tool you can use to do just that. For 99 cents, you can get the methods you need to change that cycle of panic. You can create a NEW cycle that ends. It is possible because I have done it. So can you.

Get the book:



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