People that have never had it don’t understand what it is like. I never understood it until I had to walk through it myself.

Panic can be described an overwhelming sense of doom not necessarily related to anything going on at the moment. Others describe it as a sense of sheer terror that suddenly appears. Kind of sends shivers down your spine huh?

The bouts I had were at random times of the day or night. I could be relaxing at home watching a comedy or reading a book when panic would flatten me like a steam roller or I could be in the middle of a hardcore boxing workout and it would punch me in the face. Panic didn’t seem to have any pattern or any consideration for what I was doing at the moment.

Panic can have some pretty scary physical symptoms such as nausea, irregular heart beat, sweating, chest pain, shortness of breath or dizziness.

Do any of those symptoms sound familiar? They should. They are blasted across most magazine, television and radio ads across the world. They are the signs typically associated with a heart attack.

One of the biggest things people with panic have to contend with is trying to determine a panic response from a true emergency. 

The best advice would be to get a thorough medical examination to exclude anything physical so you can start to tackle your panic without the nagging worry that something is physically wrong.

Once you are cleared, seek a qualified professional to help you determine what your best course of action will be.

If medication is your route, educate yourself and ask questions to make the best decision possible.

If medication is not your route then talk with your provider about a treatment plan that respects your wishes.

Conquering panic won’t be easy but it IS possible. In those darkest of moments remember that panic is caused by you. It doesn’t feel like it, but it is.

If you would like help getting through those attacks and learning ways to stop panic, get the eBook. If you like a little more involvement, the workbook is coming very soon. Watch the website or visit our Facebook page for the date of its release.

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