Holiday Blues

Unstructured days are a panic disorder nightmare.

Suggestions might be to plan your days. Idle time causes thoughts to take over. So for some, a day of sitting around doing nothing might provoke anxiety and panic.

Physical activity of some sort is also ideal. Moving helps tame the adrenaline rushes associated with an attack.

So what can be done?

Cleaning out those closets & drawers is a great start. Clutter can be overwhelming and perhaps be a silent stressor we are not aware of. If you don’t have a place to store it, if you haven’t touched or used it in a few months, donate it!

De-cluttering will give you a clean space and sense of accomplishment.

Paint a room or do some home repairs. Your hands and mind stay busy while allowing a sense of purpose to take over.

These suggestions are not cures but do help break some of the hold panic or anxiety might have on you.

You may feel weak, dizzy or even tremble while you work and that’s okay. Work in short spurts. Take short breaks but make sure you get back to the task until its done.

Think of it this way; you don’t feel great anyway. Why not accomplish something?!


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