Change can be a nusance

“When you are marketing your book, you are marketing yourself even more.”

I heard this close to 12 times in the 30 minutes I spoke to someone about book signings and adventures out in the public.

Marketing is foreign to me and something I shy away from. I have survived by letting my consumers decide if they want to be a part of what I have to offer. I have let my clients decide if what I do is worthy of telling others.

Marketing people do not care for that approach as a staple.

In a world filled with social media, news dedicated strictly to entertainment and a zillion people wanting to be famous, those of us that just want to offer something that will help people and remain anonymous while doing it – can’t.

This type of forced spotlight can provoke anxiety in a rock, so how do you deal with all of the demands and needs of growing your business or marketing “yourself”?

I can only I say that I take it one task at a time. There are things I refuse to do. I stick as close to who I am and what I am about as I possibly can. There are compromises you have to make but they don’t have to go against your values.

Appearing on television in a cape while dancing and promoting my “brand” would not be an option no matter what sits at the end of that insane rainbow. Having my photo blasted across the various forms of media runs a close second.

I can’t stand self-promotion but what I have come to realize and what I have been repeatedly taken to task over is that unless I am willing to put myself out there; it all dies because there are countless others who would stop at nothing to get free coverage.

Maybe those people don’t have an actual story of perseverance like I do but they are more than willing to make one up and sell it as real. Sadly I have seen this with personal trainers who have written books. Their entire focus is fame and cash. They care nothing about what message they send or who they help or hurt along the way.

So how do you manage the anxiety that comes from being forced into an uncomfortable position? Great question.

I am at the very beginning of the trail so who knows what is waiting in the distance. What I have learned is that the here and now is what you focus on and let the people that know how to do the planning for the distance, do what they do.

This frees me up to do what I do best which relieves much of the worry over “what if’s” and things I cannot control.

The thing is, unless you are willing to travel the path you know is the right one, you are destined for a lot more worry and anxiety than a few interviews can cause.

Make your own way because no one else can do it for you.




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