Dark days with sunshine

If you have a constant barrage of doom filled days, maybe working really hard to see the sunlight could help.

Sometimes we get so fixated on what is WRONG, we forget to give thanks for what is RIGHT.

Take a minute and look for the sunshine in the midst of the darkness. That smile, a breath taking view or a cool breeze on a warm day….

Taking a minute to appreciate something good may help break the cycle.

Keep searching. It’s there. I promise.


Mama said there would be days like this

There are days you feel like you just cant do it. Sometimes they follow days where you felt like you were operating well and on top of the world. We spend time trying to figure out the difference between the two days and maybe there isn’t one. Maybe it’s just a day where things go wrong or you are not on your game.

I think one of the most difficult things for people with anxiety/panic disorders is letting crappy days just be a crappy day. We want to assign value or reasoning to everything. Deep down there may be, but the chances of uncovering it are slim to none and while you are toiling away over the what if’s, maybe’s and if only’s; you’re missing out on the here, now and immediate experiences.

Its difficult to focus during bad moments. Its difficult to regain the control once your anxiety or panic have started spinning but it IS possible.

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25 Ways to Deal with PANIC Workbook


Some days

You can’t really pick and choose WHEN you will feel symptoms. They roll in like they own the place. The only thing you can do is recognize them earlier so you can begin practicing the methods that work.

You can also be pro-active in your care. Manage your diet and stress. Get enough sleep and exercise regularly.

There is no reason to sit around and wait for a bad day to find you. Keep pushing forward and living life the best way you know how!


There are days that people with panic find it difficult to go about their daily lives.

The biggest piece of advice that anyone can give you is to get up and move.

Wallowing in fear keeps you deadlocked. Make yourself go outside. Go to the store. Take a drive.

Do something other than laying around waiting for your demise.

Look at it this way, you think you’re dying anyway so why not make the most of it while you’re waiting?!

How do you deal

I was asked the other day if my panic ever comes back and how I managed to get “rid” of it. I was asked why it started and if I thought I was cured.

I’m not a psychologist. I am not a doctor. My understanding of how panic happens, how it survives or how it is banished came from the same sources all of you have available.

We rely on our medical and mental health professionals to guide us the best they know how. I will tell you one thing, going to see someone that is specifically versed in anxiety and panic is of an eminence value. Panic was such a big issue, I had no hope of tackling it on my own. Because of my pride, I probably waited too long to get help but once I did, things slowly started to get better.

In my book “I was Panic’s Bitch”, I talk about my life before, during and “after” panic and blend it with a client who has undergone a similar fate. I hate to say it, but some positive things DO come from developing a panic disorder. You certainly learn to appreciate peacefulness and tranquility a lot more. Those that are engulfed in panic right now can attest to it. Panic is so massive that even having one second, a true timed second without the gut wrenching effects of panic is pure bliss.

One of my friends asked me if I was embarrassed to be putting this out there for everyone to see.

Well, yes and no.

I have faced odds before when I was very obese. Through my weight loss journey I became a personal trainer and chose to make my struggles public in order to help others. This is no different.

Am I excited to tell the world that I had panic? Not at all. There is a sigma attached to those things, especially right now. The media has portrayed people with depression, anxiety or panic as ticking time bombs.  Because of that grand and all encompassing portrayal, I guess, I feel it needs to be pointed out that not every person that has those issues go on a crazy spree.

There are far more people that have panic that don’t talk about it. They fight a very quiet and private fight and do so while working or staying home. They are teachers, doctors, therapists, lawyers, celebrities, heads of church, heads of state and world leaders. They are students, children, grandparents, mothers, fathers and siblings.

You more than likely know someone that has either dealt with panic and anxiety in their past or is currently struggling. You yourself might possibly have to deal with it in your future. Some of you are shaking your heads in disagreement. “Not me, I’m stronger than that.” Well, I am here to tell you, I thought I was too. It happens.

I am a simple person that had several contributing factors and that didn’t listen to the signs of being overstressed & overworked. If someone wants to place a label on me, it wouldn’t be the first time. It wont be the last.

I hope that my fight with panic and my battles with anxiety give comfort to others who feel alone or isolated. My job is to once again show  you that other people have had to deal with it and are pushing their way through. That you are not alone and that there are people out there who feel the exact same symptoms that you do.

My life was flipped upside d0wn by panic and anxiety. I feel its my job to make sense of it by helping others. God gives us what we can handle and I promise you, there were many times I wondered why He hated me or what I did to deserve this.

The fact is, maybe it was never about me in the first place.

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